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Reloved, Radiant, Resilient … Our Products.


Our products were born out of the desire to bring color and patterns to the world of our furry friends. Bold and colorful designs, durable materials and a sustainable production chain characterize the products.

Skilled artisans in Europe, mainly in Finland, are the secret ingredient behind the durable products. Serendipo supports small businesses throughout our supply chain, which in turn creates more opportunities for people in our community.



Colors in Pantone Palette


Coffee cups drank during the design work

Shelterdogs we have taken care of so far

Recycled Peppiness

We respect nature and that’s why we want to make durable products out of premium, sustainable materials. We don’t see sustainable production as a selling point but as a natural and vital part of any business model.  All of our products are made of recycled materials making them part of a bigger story.

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